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My refresh of Carpathia for the upcoming riding season really went over the cliff when she caught fire under the intake area. Looks like repair will require replacement of the F.I. parts, wiring, airbox, left-side radiator fan, control cables, and whatever. I gave her new tires, a new fuel pump, air filter, oil change, a nice polish and wax, and this is how she repays me. No bodywork damage. Since I now have other mechanical tasks that have priority (an MGC-GT and a MK1 VW Rabbit Convertible) and since frankly, I've lost interest in her, she needs to go. Am looking for a K1200RS, which suits me better.

If anyone wants to restore her, or wishes to swap parts onto your LT, or wants to take her and part her out, contact me for the details. If not, perhaps a club tech session to help me get her back in shape would be a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon in Elyria, though i'd prefer it if she found a new home. Open to offers and suggestions.